Cleaning out my old room

Hello Internet friends.

I’m very restless at the moment. I’m reading a book about a man running the speed record on the Appalachian trail in the U.S. and I just went to a mountain film festival. I feel like I’ve made a mistake with this whole comedy writing life I’ve chosen, I wish I was a ripped french dude sleeping in a van and climbing unexplored peaks the jumping off in a wing suit. I’m sure it’s always a grass is greener type thing, those European mountain guys probably get home after a day of testing themselves physically and mentally in the pristine alps, truly in the moment, feeling fully alive, and they think to themselves ‘that was fun but I wish I could go to a small open mic night with 15 identical depressed men talking about Uber.’

I’ve been back in Gerringong where my family is from. I’m always trying avoid meeting people I grew up with, I don’t know why, I don’t even dislike them it’s just feels like a different life, It’s like an unnecessary TV cross over episode. Familiar characters that aren’t driving the plot forward, a subtle wink to the audience. My room looks the same, I remember how many sleepless nights I had as a teenager worrying about things I can see now didn’t matter at all. Exams I didn’t need to pass, friendships that I didn’t need to repair. Girls I had decided I was in love with despite not really knowing them at all. I know in 5 years I will feel exactly the same about my life now, it will seem weird and foreign, I will feel like I wasted it by worrying about irrelevant things. If I’m sad I will only remember the bad times, If I’m happy I will only remember the good. I’ve been thinking a lot about how we are always wrong about the future and our memories are always in flux, too affected by emotions and inherently unreliable. It’s hard to live in the moment but we should try, if only because everything else is a trick.

I’ve been clearing out my bedroom and I want to rate and review some of what I found. 

School photo (2000/2001?)



This would have been my first year in Australia. I have no memory of experiencing this much joy while at school or smiling in this way before. I have huge choppers like a proud rat. Both my front teeth have been chipped since this photo was taken and I think that needed to happen to get them down to a more manageable size. 

Signatures of 3 of the Harlem Globe Trotters from when they played in Wollongong. (2003/2004?)



If you grew up near Wollongong in the early 2000’s there was a sense that basketball and soccer were very important sports and Australia really cared about them. The Wollongong Wolves and and the Wollongong Hawks were winning premierships every year. and so being new to the country we assumed Australian basketball was obviously the biggest game in town and got right into it. I’m guessing around 2003-4 the Harlem Globetrotters played in at the WIN Entertainment Centre and to this day it is the best performance of any kind that I have seen. after the game I grabbed this paper from my mums work bag and ran to the court to get signatures. I got these 3 and I was confident they would be my most treasured possessions for the rest of my life.  In hind sight I’m very annoyed that the players from the stooge team ‘The Washington Generals’ didn’t stick around for autographs there would have been a shorter line and the idea of having their autographs is very funny to me. I’m going through the twitter page of the Washington Generals and it’s incredible. Apparently they won by accident once in the 70’s and I hope I live to see them do it again.


Commemorative stamps from the Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005)


I don’t collect stamps or movie memorabilia, but I guess I own this. It was a top film and you can tell the same attention to detail was given to these wonderful stamps. If you need commemorative stamps from the movie King Kong then hit me up.

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