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First up, I’m going to start making little videos of these newsletters and posting them online. I think it would be a lot more visible to people. I did one for this week and it was fun to make. This is the link. If you could help me out by sharing it that would be so cool. 

I use this as a way of developing ideas for stand up. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while you will remember that recently I’ve written about Ratus (The terrible rat from Australian kids TV in the 90s) and my time in primary school when my scripture teacher tried to sell us rats. Last Wednesday I talked about both those things and had to spend a good deal of time explaining that It  was a coincidence and I’m not a ‘Rat comedian’ and I talk about non rat subject sometimes. The gig went well so I think I should just embrace it. I am Australia's Premier Rat Comedian. Contact me for all corporate events that involve Rats or any show would be improved by a man with a visible stomach tattoo that say ‘Rat King’ who is also screaming about rats.

I know one of my biggest problems in stand up is I’ve never had a clear marking appeal, no noticeable point of difference before you see my show, I’ve been described as a smart comedian, which is a weird thing to say because being a comedian can be quite a bad life, and still not smart enough to have avoided being a comedian in the first place. Being a smart comedian is like being the smartest guy who is trapped down a well, he seems smart… but he is in the well.

It would be very nice to have some kind of gimmick or just have some kind of clear selling point. I think it’s a hard time to be a comedian at the moment, only because the way entertainment is only valued by the number of clicks it gets, and in this metric the best comedian on earth isn’t as good as camera phone footage of men fighting in a KFC. This means comedians and all artists need to reject that value system and accept that our work has value in and of it’s self and that we are doing it out love and thats enough. Or we need to start doing comedy while fighting in KFC’s. Screaming observations about Uber while throwing wild haymakers at each other. This might be the future of comedy, people in the break room at work saying ‘I loved Wil Anderson’s new joke about Trump, it’s a shame Tom Gleeson cracked him right in the jaw before he could finish it.’

I feel like the only way to get noticed in comedy is to make a stand up special that looks like it is going to be a viral video. ‘This sexy news reporter had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and you won’t believe what happened next… a stressed man did comedy for an hour.’

As a way of trying to be more productive I installed a program on my computer that blocks social media websites after 30 minutes of use per day, But if I really need to check something or show someone a posts or a video then I can still get social media if I open up and incognito window. Given that social media is a real addiction this probably isn't a strong enough deterrent. That would be like if I was trying to quit heroine, so I was only allowed a little bit of heroine, unless I wanted more heroine, then that’s ok too.

The problem with this is that people mostly use incognito window to watch porn. So because I’m opening that window constantly I just look like the hornyest man alive, who is also extremely aroused by checking social media.

The worst part is when I want to show a friend something online. I say check out this hilarious video then open up and incognito window, they look extremely concerned, ‘Jack, I don’t want to watch a porno, and I don’t want to know why you think it’s funny’

My recommendations for this week are:

Ping Pong.

The game of hero’s. Most sports require you be brave or strong but to my knowledge Ping Pong is the only sport that requires both. There is a ping pong table in the park near my old house and I’ve been playing a lot with my old housemate. I’ve never played it very much but at the moment we are playing every time we do writing which is once or twice a week and we’ve gotten fairly good paddles to play with. It’s one of those games thats so frustrating when you are bad at it or if you are playing someone much better, but when you play the same person over and over again and get more confident being able hit and defend power shots and have long rallies it becomes really addictive. It’s a game where you are only ever reacting, if you stop to think about the game you’ve already lost, so it forces you to be in the moment and achieve a flow state very quickly, and if you can win a point with a big smash out of nowhere it's a huge adrenaline rush. The have tables up set in a lot of nice public areas, so its also a really fun way to hang out with mates instead of just sitting in a cafe or a bar or whatever you normally do.

This Mountain Goats Song.

Here are the Mountain Goats doing an unlikely cover that mysteriously turns into an even less likely cover. It’s just a recording from a gig. It’s really fun and fills me with joy every time I hear it or look a the thumbnail.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po3dDlTkGIY 

You’re doing great. 

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Jack Druce