I'm Back!

Hey Friends. I have been inconsistent with this yet again, but I’m back!

It’s my favourite thing when people make big declarations that they are making a comeback after they’ve been away for an impossibly short amount of time, like when you have one bad day, and the next day you are making battle plans on how to change your whole life. It’s funny because its so grandiose and silly, but it’s also a very honest reflection of what life feels like. victories, defeats, sweeping change and rebirth. That kind of meaningful change takes forever, like turning an ocean liner around, but for some reason we feel like a new life is only a few push ups and a well worded email away.

I got back from Sydney recently. All the gigs were good, It’s nice to do well at the shows where you started, it gives a tangible sense of how far you have come. It’s strange to be an outsider in the city you started in, comedians in Sydney are very nice and no one was rude to me or anything, I just felt like I was the new guy again, I didn’t know any of the gossip, I wasn’t in on the jokes. Sydney people are obsessed with Ibis birds and ironically using the word ‘woke’ both are endlessly funny to people in Sydney, I’m going to do a Sydney comedy festival show called ‘Woke Ibis.’ It’s all about the lock out laws, I will make one million dollars.

I am doing a comedy festival show again. Thats right… I’m back!

I don’t think the festival is the right fit for me. It’s about standing out before people have seen your show.  standing out on paper enough for some one to take a chance. It feels nice to say that with some amount of distance, one of the nice things about doing something for a long time is the burning ego you have about your work starts to be replaced with more of a calm practical feeling. Just do what you can, some doors will open, some won’t. not everyone will like the type of stuff I do. I’m helping some friends with their festivals shows. Alex Ward and Angus Gordon. (Go see both shows please) I was talking with Angus about how we don’t really like audience participation because we see comedy as a higher art than the audience does, it’s heartbreaking to know that the most well written joke will always get less of a reaction than briefly humiliating someone in the front row.

I think comedy is the same as literature, so much thought has gone into every word and idea, but audiences don’t think that. I know this because when people want to consume literature they don’t do it drunk with their friends from work. ‘We’ve got War and Peace tonight boys! Do a shot every time you feel moved, finish your beer every time you see the world from someone else's perspective!’

I will do my best to do this more often and if you read through all of this I very much appreciate you. 

This is a spec script I wrote for ABC’s Squinters. Please help me get it to people in the industry.


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Jack Druce